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AI Roadmap Generator

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No structured learning plan? No problem.

We help you generate a structured learning roadmap for any topic you want to learn. Just enter the topic and let us handle the rest.

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Visualise Roadmap Tree.
We have built a visualisation tool to help you understand the roadmap better.
Book Recomendations.
We help you with relivant books to read to understand the topic better. Powered by Oriley.
Privacy Friendly.
If you want to generate a roadmap without sharing it to the world, we got you covered.
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“100% AGREE! Also, the way team has launched the project is commendable. This is by far the most successful project launch on Peerlist”

Akash Bhadange, CEO of Peerlist
Akash Bhadange
CEO of Peerlist

We're open source!Feel free to have a discussion on open issues.

We use GitHub to manage our project. You can browse the code and report issues there.

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Meet Makkhan Labs

It started from Vishwajeet generating roadmap tree from the AI and rendering React flow, rest of us liked the idea and built the bells and whistles around it.